When selling your precious metal:

We have a  team of buyers who purchase precious metals from our clients. We have a different approach
from others in the industry. We choose to educate our sellers with the value of their items so when they sell to us they can be  
confident that they are getting paid a fair and honest price. 

Contact us for a private buy or let us help you organize a precious metal buying party where you can earn a percentage of total purchases. 

Call for more information (973) 219-1170

Endorsements from some of our customers:

"It's so nice to know that your business approaches gold trade with care and honesty." - Zahra A. 

"I took myself to three other buyers and your price was by far the highest." - Judith S.

"It's been such a pleasure working with you, you've made me feel so comfortable making decisions and not pressuring me to sell." - Jessica R.

"Thank you for helping me decide what items I should sell and not sell. The stuff was just sitting in my drawer and I forgot all about it" - Karen K.

"It was a pleasure working with you, you made it so easy for me once I understood the process" Allison K